Welcome to vegangirleats!

Hello whoever you may be! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

First things first-I’m Jaii,I live in Essex and I’m here to share my vegan adventures in the UK. I’ll be sharing some recipes-some by others,some my own, reviewing plenty of products and eateries and probably generally rambling between it all ^^ Think of me as your new vegan best friend/guinea pig.

I began my journey of realisation about the cruelty and exploitation of animals when I was thirteen and stopped eating meat and fish after some internet research on the subject. Slowly over the years I cut out all animal products as I extended my compassion to the rest of the animals who suffer in unnatural conditions. I love love love food and cooking and have wanted to open my own bakery for forever. Maybe I’ll keep pursuing this,maybe I’ll start something else, but I do know that I want to keep cooking and baking and helping others be able to eat really good plant based food and for now,this is how I’ll do it.

I personally find that the best tactic for effectively spreading the word about veganism is by focussing on the positives and demonstrating how simple and exciting a cruelty-free lifestyle can be. Rather than lecturing about slaughter houses over Sunday lunch (I’m afraid I’m guilty ^^) and giving the impression that a vegan lifestyle is one of martyrdom,lettuce and crisp sandwiches I want to create a demand for vegan options in non-vegan food outlets. I want to make really awesome cupcakes for my friends and eat chocolate chip cookies with my sister. I want to enjoy barbeques! Lectures and leaflets on the horrors of the meat industry have their time and place but it seems that making life without bacon sandwiches a more viable and realistic option for everyone is the way to make progress. And damn,it tastes good.

I’ll be back soon with stories and recipes from my adventures in Spain!

Jaii xxx